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What is the English language editing service? 

We edit your paper using native speakers of English to ensure that it is grammatically correct and reads well to native speakers of English. In addition to this, we make sure that your article adheres to the guidelines of your selected journal, or adheres to the standards required by leading international English-language journals.

Key elements that we focus on include:

1.            Is the paper (including the references section, if applicable) formatted correctly?

2.            Is the article the correct length?

3.            Have you included the necessary sections?

4.            Have you used correct and consistent terminology and abbreviations?

5.            Have you cited all the references, figures and tables?

6.            Have you cited the figures and tables in the correct/logical order?


What if I don’t have a target journal yet?

This is not a problem, and many authors seek to have their paper edited before making the decision on which journal to submit to.

If you are not yet sure what journal you wish to submit your paper to, we will still edit the language and ensure the text is easy to understand and reads logically, as well as conforming to standards required by leading journals in your academic field. We will also make sure that your references contain all the information that journals are likely to need, and that all sections of your manuscript are consistent.

We can also help with journal selection. Please contact our helpdesk team to find out more about this service and what it costs. We offer discounts off our editing services if you choose us to help with your journal selection.

What if my paper has already been rejected from a journal?

We are happy to help you improve your paper after it has been rejected from a journal, including helping to review the feedback from the reviewers.

If your paper was rejected because of content or for any other reason, you will need to make the necessary revisions first, and then submit it to us to edit your completed paper. We can then help to identify if you have followed the reviewers’ recommendations whilst we edit your paper.


What should I do before submitting my paper for English language editing?

When submitting your paper to us, please ensure you include the following information or documents:

1.            The name and website address of the journal you wish to submit your paper to (if known)

2.            Comments from any previous reviewers

3.            All tables, figures and supplementary data, even if you do not wish for them to be reviewed

Please also consider the following points:

1.            When do you need your paper returned to you? Please note that we currently offer a standard 6-day turnaround, and a fast service with a 3-day turnaround.

2.            Is your article in an editable format? We can edit documents which are compatible with Microsoft Word, or LaTex files (please include .tex, .pdf and .cls files). We do not charge extra for editing LaTeX.

3.            What is the word count? When uploading a file onto our website, you will be asked for a word count. Please include all sections that you wish to be edited in the word count. If tables or references are included in the document but do not need to be edited, please exclude them from the word count.

4.            Are you able to pay? In some countries it can be very difficult to send money to the UK. Please make sure in advance that you have access to PayPal or can pay via debit/credit card or bank transfer. If you are based in China, we also have an RMB payment method. Alternatively, you can nominate somebody else to pay on your behalf, or arrange for your institution to make the payment.


Any questions?  Please contact us at asktheeditors@charlesworth-group.com orhelpdesk@charlesworth-group.com.